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primary specifications
panel weight 42.20 lb/ft
width 8.15 in
depth 8.03 in
2 weeks

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  • You can make an offer to purchase direct from a manufacturer if you meet the following:
    • Credit card payment of $3,500 to show intent (the payment is returned if your bid is not accepted).
    • Agree to payment terms:
      • 10% by wire transfer on mill acceptance of your bid.
      • 90% payment by wire transfer within 1 week of notified rolling date.
  • The mill will give a 2% discount on bid price if product is not rolled within one week of the scheduled rolling date.
  • If your bid is not considered reasonable (compared to market pricing) you will be advised, however ISP will not submit your offer.
  • The manufacturer may choose to supply product direct or handle supply through a distributor, depending on the complexity of the order (in either case your price will not change).

All orders are subject to the standard Terms and Conditions of the respective supplier. For full terms and conditions of PilePro, LP, click here.

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Our business is to help you find and buy a better and more efficient SSP system that meets your needs for less money!

The best way for us to help you is to get a dialog going, which can include the following:
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B) Sharing desired lifespan of the system
C) Designating an environment the project will be installed in, for example fresh water bulkhead or a salt water port
D) Providing a Bending Moment OR alternatively, a Section Modulus and steel grade or the specific ssp section that may be specified

So please fill out the form below with details to the best of your knowledge, and our staff will contact you for a confidential, 1-on-1 consultation or contact us directly: 866.666.7453 or +1.805.850.8500 or +1.512.243.1228 or info@isheetpile.com

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