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Elastic vs. Plastic Section Modulus

Traditionally, civil engineers base design guidelines on elastic section modulus. If you see a section modulus number cited without reference to whether it is plastic or elastic, then the general rule is that this is elastic section modulus. In the rare instances when plastic section modulus is used, the word “plastic” almost always explicitly precedes section modulus. Plastic section modulus is usually used to calculate according to the plastic method and to determine the plastic capacity of cross-sections. The elastic and plastic resistance values are different, and the calculation results may be different.

Steel vs Concrete Tool

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retaining wall type construction days total cost cost per linear ft cost per square ft
Steel Sheet Pile Wall 47.69
Soldier Pile and Lagging Wall 90.45
Concrete Modular Unit Gravity Wall 76.18
Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall 95.58
Cast-In-Place Reinforced Concrete Wall 136.09
Slurry Wall 210.60

Approximate cost and construction time for different wall types is based on 2009 RSMeans pricing for the US and extrapolated from the 2009 NASSPA Retaining Wall Comparison Technical Report,

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